• “ couldn’t have gone any better ”

    North End Auto was the best decision I could have made after my accident. They repaired the Jeep in exactly the amount of time they said it would take, and for exactly how much they said the charge would be. The process couldn’t have gone any better, or been any easier. Thanks!

    John M.

  • “ definitely a satisfied customer ”

    My car wouldn’t start one morning and of course that was a hassle. What wasn’t was the service that North End Auto delivered. They showed up almost instantly, towed the car to the repair shop, and I drove it out a few hours later. Since then there have been no issues so it’s safe to say I am definitely a satisfied customer.

    Susan R.

  • “ reasonable right off the bat ”

    Usually going to a repair shop is a tricky business. You know you’re overpaying, but by how much? With North End it seemed reasonable right off the bat and with the service they provided, not to mention how fast they did it, I was more than happy with their estimate. If you’re having any issues with your car and need an opinion, these are the right guys for you! Check them out, you’ll be glad you did.

    Robert S.

  • “ Fast, reliable, fair. ”

    When my truck broke I thought I was a goner. I needed it for work and couldn’t skip the entire day, it just wasn’t an option. I let them know and the whole repair job was done by lunch time! It was incredible, the parts were installed so fast its as if they already had them. Only later did I learn they sent someone out to go get them, and that made it even more impressive. Fast, reliable, fair. Great place and good people.

    Dillan P.

  • “ Recommend them to all my friends ”

    Replacing a transmission on a newer model F150 isnt supposed to seem easy. They definitely made it seem that way. While it wasn’t cheap, it also wasn’t crippling, and the work was done quickly. They waste no time at this shop and I trust their quality of work. Recommend them to all my friends and family, as well as you. Thanks Slav and thank you to your team.

    Gary H.

  • “ it’s clear they know what they’re doing ”

    Slav and his team at North End Auto know how to treat people right. It’s not just another job to them, they actually take care of you and help you out with suggestions for transportation while they fix your car. Always answered every question I had, had a fair price, and got it done very quickly. Couldn’t be happier with the results and it’s clear they know what they’re doing.

    Meghan O.

  • “ recommending you to all my people ”

    Had some custom detail work done to the side of my car, and then of course had an accident. No important parts of the art were damaged, but had to retouch few spots. North End has a good paint room, with a brilliant guy doing it. Looks like it never happened. Thanks and recommending you to all my people.

    Jason L.

  • “ In and out and at a fair price. ”

    Cracked a bumper this winter and came to North End Auto for an estimate to replace it. Ended up going with them and can honestly say glad I did. Simple fix maybe, but the simple process they have is what got me. In and out and at a fair price. Thanks Slav!

    Diana P.

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